The Connected Garage Door: Installing and Using the Chamberlain MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller

Nov 30, 2015 8:55pm

The Connected Garage Door

I’m excited about the connected home of the future! The “Internet of Things” is going to change so much about how our real world environment works for us.

It’s a good thing and it’s already started in a big way with things like lighting controls and smart TVs. But here’s one I bet you haven’t thought of yet…

The Connected Garage Door

I recently set-up a garage door to be fully controlled over the internet, from anywhere, using an Android or Apple smartphone. It was awesome! Check out the video:

The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door Controller is a simple little gadget and companion app that makes it possible for you to control your garage door from anywhere!

  • Open your garage door to let someone in your home
  • Check to see if your garage door was left open accidentally
  • Get notifications when your door opens or closes
  • See how long your garage door has been in its current position
  • Close your garage door from anywhere

Chamberlain MyQ Garage WiFi Controller RemodelingGuy

Installation is Very Easy

Chamberlain MyQ Hardware

The MyQ Garage system is very simple. Just two physical parts that talk to an app on your smartphone.

The Wi-Fi Hub – Connects to your home Wi-Fi and shares information from the Door Position Sensor. That information is available securely to you via the smartphone app.

The Door Position Sensor – Simply indicates if your door is up or down. Nothing complicated about it.

Chamberlain MyQ Access to Power

Chamberlain MyQ WiFi Hub

Installing the Wi-Fi Hub is easy. It needs three things to work:

  1. A clear line of site to the door position sensor – so it can’t be behind boxes or in the next room. An ideal location is a garage wall or ceiling mounted near the opener.
  2. Access to an electrical outlet – just a standard 110v plug. There is usually a plug in the ceiling where your door opener is plugged-in. But any outlet is fine.
  3. Access to your WiFi – connecting is easy with the WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Installing the Door Position Sensor is even easier… you just stick it on the upper panel of your door (on the inside of course).

Chamberlain MyQ Door Position Sensor

Install the MyQ App

Chamberlain MyQ App Android Ios

The Chamberlain MyQ Home Control app is available for both Android and iOS. Simply install it and set-up an account so it can connect to your Wi-Fi and talk to the WiFi Hub.

Universal Garage Door Control Connection

The app and hardware works with most garage door openers made since 1993. The instructions are straightforward and are the same as if you bought a replacement clicker for your door opener.

Tip: Look for a colored button or wire on your door opener unit. The color of that is an important part of the programming process. In my case, the button looked to be one color but the wire was clearly another. When in doubt, I suggest you trust the wire color first.

Enjoy Your Connected Garage Door

Once you’re set-up you’ll be able to control your garage door from anywhere and always know the status of your door at anytime. It’s surprisingly convenient and very effective.

I tried the app out and it worked great. When you close the door using the app, an alarm and flashing light is activated in your garage to let people know the door is about to close. But do be careful to never use a remote closer if your door is not equipped with sensors to prevent closing while anything is in the path of the door. (you know the invisible beam you have to hop over if you close the door and run out… those things are important!)

Check out that video above and take a look at the Chamberlain Website for more info.


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