Lemon Chicken Soup: Food Network Magazine

Apr 06, 2012 1:47am

Lemon Chicken Soup: Food Network Magazine

Every time I pick up a Food Network Magazine I thanks my lucky stars for a magazine that ALWAYS supplies me with endless menu ideas! This last months issues was by far a home run and we’ve already fallen in love with a handful of recipes!

Do yourself a favor and subscribe or pick up a copy today! When I buy it at Sam’s Club it’s just over $2 an issue. I really need to get a subscription!

Lemon Chicken Soup was my latest success story! This soup is so perfect for Spring! The hint of lemon keeps it fresh and light and it’s also a great recipe if you like to buy rotisserie chicken and use it for multiple recipes! My kids loved this meal! It’s a huge hit and perfect if you plan on having roasted Chicken this Easter! Save your leftovers and make this soup!

Lemon Chicken Soup: Food Network Magazine

For full recipe click HERE!

Where do you get your best food inspiration? Magazines, shows? Spill it!

p.s… just subscribed for 3 years! Yep! It’s that great of a magazine!


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