12 Months: Anatomy of Work Jeans

Apr 18, 2011 5:20am

Oh, the things these jeans have seen over the last year. They read like a road map from a place where I was sane, normal, and mostly-showered, right up to today where I am decidedly not. So I’m kicking off my week of nostalgia about the first twelve months of DIY house building by giving you a tour of my work jeans. Cause if that doesn’t set the tone for “crazy sawdust-inhaling garage dweller”, I don’t know what does.

The Anatomy of Work Jeans

  1. Discolored areas from powdered concrete color release used on our almost-purple porches.
  2. Mystery tar-like substance from demolition and/or climbing around on the roof.
  3. White oil-based exterior primer from sealing the cut ends of our cedar window trim and/ or siding.
  4. Fresh tear in knee from repeatedly climbing up and down ladders, crawling around on the ceiling joists, and kneeling in the tub while installing tile.
  5. Construction adhesive from installing the bedroom floor.
  6. Redgard from prepping the showers for tile.
  7. Black paint from painting plumbing pieces for use as our closet shelves.
  8. Insulation from blocking in (and insulating) old basement windows.
  9. Gray paint from painting the master bedroom and bath
  10. White paint from creating the cedar trim for the full bath.

I’m totally considering framing these and hanging them for display once the house is finished. If there’s anything left of them by then…


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