A Big Patio Planter

Jun 02, 2013 11:36am

Patio Planter

Our backyard patio is really dull so I decided to add a corner planter. I could not find any plans for such a large planter so I just made up my own on the fly.

I made the corner pieces from a 10 foot 4x4 by cutting grooves in two sides with a circular saw to a depth of about 1 inch and a width of about 3/4 inch. This is not fine furniture so I was not concerned with precise cuts. I removed the extra stock in the gooves with a chisel then sanded and painted.

Construction of the top trim is very crucial to the final product as it will define the shape and size of the planter. The corner pieces attach to the corners of the top trim and then cedar fence boards slide into place to form the sides.

I added cedar footing around the bottom, cedar braces inside and cedar boards that connect the boards of each side.

The frame was constructed using dowels and glue with a couple of PH screws to give added security in two key corners.

Estimated Cost:

About $70 and climbing. The planter is only 2/3 full with soil and I have already put 20 40lb bags of potting soil and dirt.

Length of Time:

Off and on for four days. You could build it in one day but painting will add another day.

Lumber Used:

Sides, footing, and bracing are cedar fence lumber. The top trim is pine. Corner posts are "pine" SPF 4x4. Some may argue that the footing should have been treated wood but the cedar was 1/4 th the cost and I will be dead before it rots.

Finishing Technique:

Top trim and corner posts are painted with Behr premium exterior water-based enamel. I did not do anything to the sides and will just let them mature on their own.

Additional Project Details:

Now all I need is flowers and a big cold lemonade!


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