Wish me luck

Oct 15, 2011 7:54am

Today we’re hosting a birthday party for the girls. Eighteen 5,6 and 8 year olds. Sounds like a recipe for chaos if you ask me. If I don’t survive this is my living will….

I leave all my fabric to my good friend Char. She’s a quilter and could actually put it to good use. Only condition is that you have to make me mini skirt to wear in my coffin.

I leave all my paint to Mrs. Welches kindergarten class!

I leave my hidden stash of Twix bars, kit cats and Gummy bears to my neighbors as proof of my habitual junk food eating! Enjoy it ladies!

I leave my design magazine collection to my girls. They rip them up anyway so why not let them do it guilt free!

And lastly I leave my vintage Singer Sewing Machine to the Gale Center museum in South Jordan UT. Even though I vowed to not return after you scolded us for being louder then a whisper, walking through the door that is IN A CHILDREN’S museum to forcefully, and hovering over us like hawks. It’s a rad sewing machine that deserves to be on display! I do suggest you lighten up a wee bit!

Ok my friends! Let the party begin!


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