?Red Hots and Blue? Fourth of July Rocket Wreath {tutorial}

Jun 13, 2011 11:03pm

red hot and blue wreath fourth of july wreath

Fourth of July is coming up fast. I wanted to make a festive wreath for my front door. red hots and blue rocket wreath

So I headed down to the Dollar Store and picked up a few supplies.
I used ribbon and paper I already had as well as Dimension Magic (to keep the birds from eating it) and the total for my wreath was about $4!!

"Red Hots and Blue" Rocket Wreath Tutorial
Here?s what I did:
?Red Hots and Blue? Fourth of July Rocket Wreath {tutorial}

  • Wreath Form
  • Ribbon to wrap around form
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Three packages of Red Hot candy
  • Two coordinating scrapbook papers {I used Lifestyle Crafts Sweet and Spicy Paper}
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Two coordinating ribbons to hang the wreath and for the bottom of the rocket.
  • Dimensional Magic, spray polyurethane or resin to seal the candies
Directions: wrap with ribbon

1. I wrapped the wide ribbon around the wreath form and secured it with hot glue. glue on the red hots

glue the rows on

2. Then I hot glued the Red Hot candies on the wreath. I started on the front of the wreath, then continued on the outside edges and finally glued them onto the inside of the wreath form. brush on Dimensional Magic

3. To seal the candies, brush some Dimensional Magic over the top, or spray with polyurethane. If you brush Dimensional Magic over the top, only brush once because some of the sugar from the candies might come off once it gets wet. {I squeezed the Dimensional Magic into a bowl and brushed it on with a foam craft brush}. make the rocket

4. While the wreath dries, make the rocket! There is a great tutorial for the rocket on Alpha Mom. Just follow the directions. And to make the rocket take off, loop ribbon into three loops and hot glue two of these on both sides at the bottom of the rocket. Then take the other coordinating ribbon and make three loops and hot glue it into the middle of the rocket. I made the middle ribbon loops just a bit longer than the side loops. toilet paper rocket

5. The last thing I did was take two coordinating ribbons and make a big loop through the middle of the wreath and hot glue them shut. Hide the seam at the back of the wreath. side view of red hot and blue rocket wreath

And you are done!! Now you have a festive wreath to celebrate this patriotic holiday for less than $5!!! red hot and blue fourth of july wreath straight on

Have a Wonderful Day!!!

?Red Hots and Blue? Fourth of July Rocket Wreath {tutorial}



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