I Bought Something Off Craigslist and Didn?t Get Killed By an Axe Murderer

Jan 23, 2013 10:31am

I feel like there are two things that the Internet community at large is so blase about, and that I have never personally been comfortably with. (Which is weird, right? Because I’m personally comfortably making an ass out of myself by singing on camera and posting it to the entire Internet, but dammed if Craigslist doesn’t freak me out.)

So yes, the first thing on that list is buying or selling things on Craigslist. (The second is buying things from Ikea… something I talk about a lot, but have never actually done. Which is not at all relevant to this post.)

Let’s talk about Craigslist and living in the middle of nowhere for a second, okay? I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m pretty sure that going to random strangers houses or inviting them over to your own is how you end up in a garbage bag buried in someones back yard after they used an axe to hack you into fifty tiny pieces. Maybe that’s just my girl-living-alone-in-the-middle-0f-nowhere neuroses– because I didn’t used to think this way when I was sleeping next to a big bearded dude– but I’ll tell you what… I’m 100% comfortable with the security of my house and where I live, but I’ll be dammed if I still don’t sleep with a gun under my pillow every night.

Still… personal neuroses aside, back when I did a little furniture re-arranging for the holiday party, I realized I needed a good round table for the kitchen, and I didn’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a new one.


Which brought me to Craigslist.


I found a 48″ solid oak table (and four chairs), which is basically just what I was looking for, for a mere $200. I even posted it on Facebook so you guys could weigh in on whether or not is was a good purhcase.


Reviews were mixed, but I’ll tell you what the deciding factors were.

  1. This table reminds me of the one my grandmother has had in her house forever
  2. I planned to spend about $200-250 just on chairs for the office, but I had a feeling a couple of the chairs from this set would work perfectly with a little paint. (So for what I would have spent on two chairs I’m getting four chairs and a table.)
  3. I have a fair amount of people coming over to the house this weekend to learn how to make homemade pasta, and tables and chairs are in high demand

So I decided to risk potential death-by-axe and go pick this baby up. Of course, as it turns out, the people selling this table were fantastically normal, and they had a pretty awesome view.


I actually rented a small U-Haul trailer for $20 because I’m a slacker and haven’t bought myself a pickup yet. Or even just my own trailer. So total cost for this baby was $220.


And it fits in the room just the way I want it to. It doesn’t have a leaf, but that’s okay. Obviously the oak isn’t my color (even though it currently matches the walls in the kitchen rather nicely) but I’m going to sand it down (lord knows I haven’t spent enough time with the sanders lately), distress it a bit, go with a darker stain, and maybe a little glazing.

Two of the chairs are going to be painted a nice teal green for the office and I’ll find homes for the other two somewhere else, but I’ll definitely be buying something different for the kitchen long term. I’m still loving all of the Industry West chairs, so we’ll see what strikes my fancy when the time comes.

Also, I really need to paint the wood in this kitchen. Like now. But I’m having people over to make homemade pasta first…


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