Valentines Yahtzee Game

Feb 08, 2011 10:00pm

Valentine?s Day is fast approaching?can you believe it? It just seems like the days are flying by?yet crawling at the same time! Anyways, we like to celebrate the actual day of Valentine?s together as a family. We usually start the morning off with these Heart Pancakes.

We always make sugar cookies and decorate them as a fun activity always within a few days of the holiday and we always celebrate the day by enjoying a nice candlelight dinner for SEVEN! LOL! We eat on the fancy plates in our dining room {which admittedly does not get a lot of use}!

Then for the past two years we have topped off our dinner with a fun chocolate fondue party for dessert. YUMMO! I thought it would also be fun to play some games together. We particularly like to play Yahtzee together. So I came up with a Valentine?s Day version.

heart yahtzee 3

You will need 5 or 6 square wood blocks that measure 1 x 1 inch. (I made 6 game dice instead of the usual 5 dice. It is easier for the little kids to get the needed numbers to do well at this game. So you can either make 5 or 6 dice and play either ?heart? or ?hearts? yahtzee).

Paint your dice white (or preferred color) and let dry. Then print out the dice download which can be found here. Make sure you print it out the original size.


Cut out each individual square. And put them onto each dice. Each dice should get a letter and the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. You can look at a regular dice to see what goes where. Mod Podge the fronts and backs of the squares to firmly attach them to the dice. I gave each dice an additional layer of Mod Podge after the first layer dried.

**Be sure to print these out with a laser printer so that the ink will not run.

heart yahtzee 5

That?s it! Pretty easy huh? I am excited to be able to play this and some other games with the family for our Valentine?s celebration.

heart yahtzee final

This could also be used in a classroom if you have a few kids in each group.

heart yahtzee

I hope you enjoy it!

Click here to download your copy of the Hearts Yahtzee score card.

heart yahtzee 2


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