white molded chairs and a storage unit – the story

Jan 26, 2015 9:22am

A few weeks ago (two days before Christmas, actually) we moved all of our stuff from our storage unit back into our house. It was probably a little earlier than we really should have, as there was still some fairly major reno work going on, but we were desperate to get our snow tires out of the storage unit. Of course we had packed them right at the very back and there was really no way of getting them out without taking every single item in the unit out (this includes beds, dressers, shelving units, and about, oh, a million boxes). When we had moved the stuff into the unit, we had totally not thought about the fact that our reno might creep into winter and we would need those tires. Whoops. All that to say that we got our furniture moved in (hired movers = best decision ever) and got our snow tires on our cars (yay for road safety!).


Oh the boxes. Plus a sneak peak at the kitchen cabinetry!

It was amazing to see all of our stuff again. I know it’s just “stuff”, but you do develop sentimental attachments to things and it’s a really nice feeling to unpack a box of things you love and haven’t seen in a while. Anyway, one sad thing that happened as we unpacked and re-discovered our stuff, was that several items had yellowed. The corner of our duvet cover (which had been packed in a garbage bag?), some white towels (again, packed in bags), a sofa cover, and.. the worst one of all… my white moulded chairs. As you can imagine, some pretty major panic set in.

I love those chairs. Remember them in our former dining room?


My mum gave me a hand and we tried out several different cleaners, but to no avail. Nothing was taking the yellowing out. It didn’t help that we had no idea what the yellowing is from. Exposure to something in the storage unit? Not a clue.

It’s incredibly hard to photograph the yellowing, but can you see how the chair is yellowed around the top rim on this guy? All of the chairs had different levels of yellowing in different areas.


One of the last things I decided to try was some OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover. I have used OxiClean before as a paste to clean grout, and it worked well, but I didn’t really have high hopes as nothing was working on these chairs. My mind was wandering down the path of having to dunk them all in bleach solution or something.

I took the OxiClean and mixed it with some warm water, as per the instructions on the box. You need to stir it around and wait a while for the little granules to dissolve.


Once dissolved, I took a sponge and covered my chair in the solution. I let it sit for about half an hour to see if it would do any magic.


I came back to it, washed it down with some water, and lo and behold, it had worked! To my critical eye, there is still a tiny amount of discoloration, but honestly, nobody would probably be able to tell. Here are two chairs side by side, to hopefully show you the difference.

cleaning white moulded chairs with oxiclean

Can you see it? It’s super tricky with the photos, but you can tell that the one on the left (clean one) has a cooler white hue.

No damage was done to the surface of the chair either, which I had been a bit worried about. The thing about OxiClean is that is releases oxygen which targets the stain rather than the fabric/surface.

cleaning white moulded chairs with oxiclean2

Remember how I mentioned I had also used it on grout once upon a time? Well, I was 40 weeks pregnant at the time. Talk about nesting, huh? Maya arrived a few days after this toothbrush-cleaning-grout situation.


I have also used OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover on food/drink stains on clothing and fabrics, and it really does work. Definitely one of those good products to have around for emergency spills (highly likely in our house these days, thanks to a certain active little person and her clumsy mother!).

For more awesome tips on stain-fighting, visit the OxiClean Facebook page.

Do you guys have any best kept cleaning secrets? Ever dealt with stuff that had yellowed or otherwise been damaged while in storage? We have been pretty lucky so far with our stuff. Nothing broken, which is rather amazing!

*Disclosure: This post was brought to you by OxiClean Versatile Stain remover, however the images and opinions are my own. For more information please visit http://oxiclean.ca/.

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