?Us??my New Years word.

Dec 30, 2011 12:43am

?Us??my New Years word.

There will never be a more meaningful relationship then the one I have with my husband! I adore this guy and he equally adores me but in any relationship it takes a lot of work to feel that adoration all the time! You can’t just wake up every morning and feel like you did when you were dating and shared your first kiss. Love takes meaningful effort, on purpose actions and deliberate attention and that’s why this year I’ll be focusing on the word “Us!”

Two little letters that when put together mean the world to me. “Us!” We never really say that word much if you think about it… “You, me, him, his…” We think about each other as two separate people most of the time but together we are “Us.”

I want to do more for us. I want us to be closer. I want us to go on dates. I want us to be each others biggest fans, loudest cheerleaders and each others soft place to land! So this year I’ll be thinking about ways to keep us in this blissful state we’re in, how to help us grow as a couple and as parents and how to give us more time together! Sound cheesy I know but really I can’t think of a better thing to focus on!

I love focusing on a word each year instead of making a long list of resolutions I probably won’t keep!So what’s your word to focus on this year?


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